RioCan has started phase 1 of the redevelopment of Westgate Shopping Centre.
It’s expected to 2 ½ to 3 years to complete which brings us to 2023. We will remain
at Westgate through the first phase and possibly to the end of phase 2 all depending
on parking out front. We will keep you up to date as things progress.
Thank you for your patience.
The Nettleton’s

Conveniently located at Westgate Shopping Centre, Nettleton’s is open 6 days a week.

Looking forward to seeing you in the store.

Serving Ottawa for over 100 years.

The name Nettleton has been synonymous with Jewellery in Ontario since the late 1800’s. In 1916 George G. Nettleton, moved to Ottawa and opened the store. Since then the torch has been passed on to the fourth generation and Nettleton’s Jewellery continues to provide exquisite products and exceptional personal service .

Click here to view pictures from our 100th Anniversary!


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